Music Shops in Preston

Music Shops in Preston

Having the right instruments to work with is important and it's no different for singers. We are often asked where is the best place to find equipment to set up a personal studio so Singing Lessons Preston have looked at some of the local music stores that you may find interesting. From Music Matter who specialize in music technology and studio equipment to The Music Cellar whose massive range of instruments and accessories is bound to include something for everyone! Take a look below for more information.

The Music Cellar - Preston

A huge range of instruments and accessories are available from The Music Cellar. Their website catalogs the lot and makes them available for sale both online and in store and if anything gets sold in store the online stock is updated straight away to avoid any disappointments. Pretty much any instrument you can think of is cataloged on their website! The stock includes but is not limited to Keyboarded instruments to guitars, flutes and violins, microphones are also available for sale here.

Music Cellar can also provide instrument rental and repair services so if you already have an instrument that needs repairing or if you want to rent one for a specific event you can get in touch to find out more details and get a quote. If you are on the market for second hand equipment it's worth having a look on the "Second Hand" section of Music Cellar's website to see if any of the bargains catch your eye! If you are based near Preston city centre their shop is perfectly placed being only 6 minutes walk from the train station and right next to the high street with plenty of shops and restaurants nearby. Access their website to find out more information or to browse stock.

Telephone: 01772 251407

Address: 12 Fox St, Preston, Lancashire PR1 2AB

A&C Hamilton

Another large retailer of musical instruments and accessories based in and around Preston. Although the shop itself is quiet a distance from Preston city centre the best way to get there is to drive a journey which will take you about 15 minutes. If you prefer to save the journey time you can always order online using their massive stock to browse through and have your purchase delivered to your home using their "Next Day Delivery" option. Pianos, Guitars are available in both acoustic and electric and for our singers their "Home Studio" stock may be of interest.

 If you are in the market for a new instrument or home studio equipment then it's worth considering A&C Hamilton and at least comparing their range with other stores to get what’s best for you. Access their website to browse their stock and find out more information about the services they offer. You can contact the store by using the contact details below.

Telephone: 01772 722468


Address: 946-950 Blackpool Rd, Lea, Preston, Lancashire PR2 1XN

HW Music - Preston

A wide range of studio equipment is available at HW Music Preston. If you are looking to set up your very own studio from home or perhaps you have a dedicated location it's worth considering this store and having a look at their website. The shop is conveniently placed in Preston city centre and is near other shops and restaurants in the area, so if you are passing by pop in to have a look at their stock in person or access their website to browse their massive catalog of instruments and accessories.

You will find stringed and keyboarded instruments as well as amps and home audio systems; you can even find stage lighting and a big range of second hand products. If you have an instrument that needs repairing you can get in touch with HW Music to get a quote about using their instrument repair service. Below you will find the contact details for this store.

Telephone: 01772 204 567

Address: 17-11 Heatley Street, Preston Lancashire PR1 2XB

Music Matter- Preston

This is mainly a music technology store, which means it's the perfect place to browse for home studio and recording equipment. Available on offer at Music Matter are a wide range of microphones, acoustic treatment and mixers among other instruments and accessories to make your studio complete. Situated 15 minutes driving distance outside of Preston city centre it's not too far and you can still get there by catching 2 buses or if you prefer you can browse and order online and have it delivered to your home.

If you have a look on their website they offer help on buying equipment and tech advice, reading these articles may prove to be a great help if you don't have previous experience about recording equipment. Second hand stock is also available so you may be able to bag yourself a great bargain there! Below are the details to contact Music Matter including a telephone and email address:

Telephone: 0330 380 1135


Address: E101, Red Scar Business Park, Longridge Rd, Preston, Lancashire PR2 5LX

Professional Vocal Tuition

Even if you're a complete beginner and have never performed in front of anyone before, do not fear! Lessons in a relaxed setting with me, you'll feel at ease, working on music which you are passionate about.

Learning at your own pace, we ensure that you build confidence in your talent, whilst focusing on technique and gaining vocal strength. Lessons can be held in the comfort of your own home, or at my studio in Preston.

To book your first lesson or to find out more about information get in touch by telephoning 03458 690679 or by emailing in!

Knowing that Gemma performs across the globe on account of her own sensational vocal ability really gives me the confidence that she can help me reach my own musical dreams. She is a fantastic teacher, who helps with all aspects of your voice, really bringing out the best of what you have!